How do I know if I am being stalked?

I am not sure if it’s too early to make assumptions but I am really freaked out. I came off the bus after coming from school and I was walking home, which is a street away from my bus stop. As I was walking into the gate of my house, I closed the gate door and saw a man in a white truck looking at me; I didn’t pay any mind and just continued to walk. Then, a few minuets later, my aunt came upstairs into my house and had told me that our neighbor was on her porch while I was coming home and saw the man. She said that he had stopped his truck in the middle of the street and was looking at me. Then he pulled over, got out of the truck, and took a picture of my house with a camera and then drove off. I don’t know why he did that and have never seen him before I don’t think, and I am worried about what could happen.

A: It must be a scary thing to feel this. I would encourage you to call the police in your town, give them the information and tell the neighbor that if the van is seen again to let you know. Since there isn’t enough information to either relax or accuse I would ask you to put yourself on yellow alert and follow the directions from the police. They are the professionals and can give you tips on protecting yourself.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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