I am not sure what I type of help I need more. Whether it is anger management or a combination of therapy. I have a definite problem with deliberate anger and sudden anger, but I am not sure if it stems from underlying problems. What is the difference between anger management classes and therapy? Thanks

A: Anger management classes are usually short-term (6-12 sessions) and highly focused on learning about the causes of anger and the conditions under which anger occurs in your life. Typically there is a stress management or meditation component, and members of the group are taught coping strategies to deal with angry feelings and behaviors.

In contrast, most therapies will take a much broader view of the individual than dealing with the exclusive domain of anger. Typically, unless it is a short-term therapeutic approach, the number of sessions is longer, and behavioral, familial, social, and emotional reasons are often explored to understand their influence on your life.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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