For a few years now i have been hearing things and seeing people that i think are there, that i could reach out and touch almost, but they are dead. i first started hearing voices in elementary school. i would hear screaming. A lot of times theyd tell me to shut up or to go here or there or do this or that. eventually i quit hearing voices until the end of middle school but they returned. then i began to feel the overwhelming urge to hurt myself or people around me. in very violent ways. I started seeing people around the same time but it wasnt until this year that it became so strong that it forced me to lose sleep because they were there. and it seems so real. help.

A. If you feel as though you might harm yourself or someone else, then it is imperative that you relate this information to your parents and ask them to take you to a hospital. The hospital is a safety net for individuals who feel that they cannot control their behavior.

It is important for you discuss these symptoms with your parents immediately. Your parents need to be made of aware of your frightening symptoms so they can help you. Ask your parents if they will take you to be evaluated by a primary care physician or a psychiatrist. A primary care physician can help rule out any physical problems that may be contributing or causing the symptoms. A psychiatrist could conduct a psychiatric evaluation to determine the cause of your symptoms and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The proper way to handle this situation, at this point in time, is to speak your parents. Ask to be taken to a physician or psychiatrist immediately. Report all of your symptoms and hopefully you will be provided with the proper treatment. Get help sooner rather than later. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle