I am new here… I have today received news on my sister. She attempted to commit suicide, she has been complaining about every single aspect of her life and also stated that she is depressive. She mentioned to me a while ago that she considered taking her life and I tried my best to help her by being there for her. Seeing we don’t live in the same country it is difficult for me to be there 24/7. My family that is nearer to her don’t seem to understand she needs help instead of supporting her they cast her out and even go to the extent of telling her if u want to kill yourself do it don’t call us, I find that a bit harsh.

We have had a very difficult childhood as we grew up in a home with domestic violence where we witnessed my mom being battered every single day by my dad, until today we all hold resentment against my dad for what he has done to my mother and mentally it has affected all of us.

My sister has been affected the most by it although we have moved on and really been in denial about the whole situation and buried and repressed it. She seems to be struggling to move on and this has led her to years of ups and downs and now she hit the rock bottom. She has 2 kids that she used to love dearly but when speaking to her she seem to not care and talks about them as a liability.

She has tried to kill herself once and I don’t think its the last time she will attempt I am really lost here I don’t know what to do this is affecting me as I feel helpless what can I do in this situation.

A: Thank you for taking the time to write us here at PsychCentral.

It is a very difficult thing to have a family member with so much pain in their lives. The work that needs to be done on your part involves getting some education and support for coping. The National Alliance on Mental Illness can give you information, and you can contact them about where to find support groups in your country. Education and support for yourself and your sister are the key.

Feeling helpless is natural. The best way to help is to learn what to expect, what resources are available, and where to find support. Their website will be a good place to start.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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