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I’m scared I’ll get fired

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last friday i got suspended for taking a tip from a customer but we are not suppose to take tips but the customer begged me three times to take it and i told her no i can’t so one of my managers saw and asked me if i took the tip and i said yes and i asked her would you rather have the customer call up here and have a complaint against me and she said yeah that is what i would want ( i have not had any customer complaints against me) so now i am just angry and stressed out about losing my job because i go to school to and i pay for my school and rent… i have to have a talk with my store manager on wednesday and i am just scared.. all i can think about is what am i going to do… what should i do??

I’m scared I’ll get fired

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I certainly hope you figured out what to do on your own since it’s unlikely that this response is going to be published before your meeting with your manager. I hope you took a deep breath and calmed down so you could present yourself well at your meeting. You knew you weren’t supposed to take tips but felt pressured by the customer. Not knowing how to handle it, you gave in to the customer. In 20-20 hindsight, it would have been better if you had thanked the customer and explained the policy. If the customer had continued to insist, you should have called your manager over to handle it.

I hope you were able to apologize to your manager and explain that you didn’t know what to do, that you have learned from the experience, and that you’ll be better prepared if it happens again. And I hope your manager will take a look at the fact that you’ve never had a complaint and will give you another chance. This has been a hard lesson in the fact that the rules really are the rules. If you do get fired, I hope your good work record will give you the confidence to get out there immediately and find another job. Whatever happens, you have learned something important.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I’m scared I’ll get fired

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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