I am not a sexually active teenager, although I am not against it. I have just gotten a new boyfriend. I have known him since about September or October, and we flirted a little. More recently we became closer and now we are dating. He says he loves me but I just think that’s the male hormones going on.

Anyway my main point is he means something to me and he has recently confided in me. He has told me he is a transvestite. I will not judge him for I care for him but I did find the subject a little different and awkward. I just wanted a little guideline or advice on how to deal with him. He has told me he is completely heterosexual. I just would like advice and to know how this could possible affect our relationship from that of a ‘normal’ one. Thanks

A: Thank you for bringing the question here. You state your age as 15 so you are just beginning to explore your feelings of attraction. The main work here is for you to start understanding what feelings are emerging inside of you, and to find ways to express, cope with, or explore those feelings.

Finding the subject and conversation awkward is something that you will want to talk about directly with your boyfriend. You want to have a relationship where you can be yourself, and not feel inhibited by the other person’s behavior. In other words, stay right with your feelings and talk to him about them. What you are ultimately looking to do is understand who you are first, and then you can understand more about who you are in the relationship. To better know about what he is into you may want to educate yourself about people who engage in the fetish of cross-dressing.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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