I feel angry all the time.i hate my job and every one at work.ihave thoughts of hurting people all the time.i blow up for no reason.my doctor has had me on alot of depression medicines but its like my body gets to ammuned to them and they quit working after a week.i am always tired.the only time i feel good is when i am working out.i wake up at least 5 per night.i feel i could people and have no remorse.somone can just be joking to me and i completely blow up at them.please tell me what you think is wrong because i am tired of feeling like this and i am afraid i will seriously hurt someone.

A. Based on a short letter, it is difficult to know what is causing your anger. What is clear is that you are experiencing a high degree of anger. The main concern is that you are having thoughts of harming others. You also write that you could hurt others and not feel remorse. If you feel that you cannot control your behavior, it is imperative that you go to an emergency room immediately.

You took medication for depression but reported that it only works temporarily. This may be occurring because you have yet to find the right medication. It may also be that you need counseling, in addition to medication, to address the underlying cause of your depression and anger. In many cases, medication is simply not a fully effective treatment. Comprehensive treatment typically involves counseling in addition to medication.

As a responsible adult, you have the obligation to seek help when you have a problem. You acted responsibly when you visited a physician to address your depression and anger but there’s more to be done. You have the power to do something to prevent your anger from leading you to harm others. Do not allow your anger to grow to dangerous levels. Anger management programs have been shown to be very effective. An anger management program not only can prevent you from harming others but it can keep you out of prison or from doing something that you may later regret. Here is a link to further information regarding controlling anger.

Given how you are currently feeling, the only way to responsibly handle this situation is to seek counseling or emergency help if necessary. Do not hesitate to go to the emergency room or call 911 if you feel that you cannot control your behavior. Click on the find help tab to locate a therapist in your area. Please get the help that you deserve. Please take care.