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Could It Be ADD?

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Recently i have been noticing the strangest things about me. I have become extremely irritable, have a short fuse, eating more food in a day then some people would in 3 days, zoning out all the time, even during conversations. When i was younger i was tested for ADHD because i was just a crazy hyper kid, but we are all full of energy at that age. I am just scared that it is going to affect my life more then it already has. I have started to fail most of my classes because i can pay attention. Also i threatened to kill a kid today because he made me so angry, and it was over the stupidest thing ever.

My home life has always been a little rough around the edges, youngest child with an older sister who gets in the most trouble ever. I am human, and have gone through some depressed stages in my life, but mine were a bit extreme. Got addicted to drugs and cut myself, but i have been over that for a month now. I am very much in love, been with a great girl for a year and half now. But i am just scared there is something very much wrong with me, and i cant seem to know what…

Could It Be ADD?

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You do not necessarily meet the criteria for any one specific mental health disorder but undoubtedly you are struggling with a variety of issues. Specific areas of concern include extreme irritability, having a “short fuse,” bingeing, inability to concentrate, threatening fellow students, history of drug addiction and cutting.

You described your family life as being “a little rough around the edges.” It would be helpful to know more about what you meant by that expression. Perhaps you mean that you lacked guidance, specifically as it relates to your psychological and emotional development. Parents are supposed to teach their children how to properly handle emotions. They should also teach problem-solving skills, so that the children are prepared to deal with the inevitable struggles and challenges of life. If an individual lacks this necessary guidance from the parents or a mentor, the most likely outcome is that life problems will develop. I suspect this is the case in your situation. This can generally be corrected with therapy, medication and possibly by reading self-help books.

I would recommend speaking to your parents about the issues you are struggling with. They can help you access therapy. You are at risk for failing school if you find it difficult to pay attention. This symptom in particular may be indicative of attention deficit disorder (ADD) but as I have pointed out, there are other symptoms that should be considered. I would also recommend meeting with the school guidance counselor. He or she may also be able to help you access help or speak to your parents on your behalf.

It is important that you do not ignore these symptoms. I’m sorry that I cannot offer you a specific diagnosis but I do believe that you could benefit from counseling or medication. Please click on the find help tab at the top of this page to locate a therapist. I would also recommend talking to your primary care physician about medication or referral to a local therapist. Please take care. I wish you well.

Could It Be ADD?

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and Assistant Professor of Social Work and Forensics with extensive experience in the field of mental health. She works in private practice with adults, adolescents and families. Kristina has worked in a large array of settings including community mental health, college counseling and university research centers.

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