I have had 2 homosexual dreams but i am only aroused by women. Gay thought keep coming to mind, but i hate8 it. What’s wrong with me? I just woke up from a 2nd gay dream. In Dream 1, a man tried to have sex with me,after i followed a woman into a shower, but i ran away from the man. In Dream 2, I tried to kiss a girl but i ended up kisssing my best friend(a dude), but in the dream i hated it also. I constantly have homosexual thoughts during the day but tune them out. They do not arouse me. I dream about women constantly and the thought of man on man action does not turn me on. I love my friend, but not in that way. Am i gay?

A: You are absolutely normal. At 18, it is usual to explore the full scope of your own sexuality. You are curious about all kinds of sex and you probably think about it a lot. It’s part of the natural sorting process that people go through if they will let themselves. Whether you are hetero or homosexual or something else will naturally come to you over time. Even when you’ve made a clear decision, there will be times when you will kind of try on other alternatives in your dreams and fantasies and thinking. It’s part of being human. You don’t need to stress about it.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie