My mom is the problem. She always ignores me and she always takes my sisters side. My mom is abusive. She hits me almost everyday, and I always have to do everything and she never makes my sister do anything. I’m sick and tired of it! Please help!

A: Thank you for sending your letter. You did the right thing by writing us.

Since you are in the fifth grade it would be very important for you to talk to your teacher or guidance counselor about the fact that your mom hits you every day. Just like you found the courage to write this letter, you must find the strength to tell someone in your school. No one should be ignored and hit, and letting some trusted adults know about this is the right thing.

You need an adult to help you deal with the feelings of wanting to run away or hurting yourself. These thoughts ocurr when we are in difficult situations. The very fact you did something to help yourself by writing us is a very good start. Now we want to get some adults in your school or your area to help. If you need a local person to point you in the right direction please use the “find help” tab at the top of the webpage.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan