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Extreme Anxiety and Depression

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MY problem is iv had some hallucination problems this as a child i told my mom of a person i saw as a baby when i told her she said she remembers the seeing the person to but no one eles was in the house i added this because some of the thins i saw she clamed however here are the other things iv seen no one eles had.

I had a bad childhood my sister was molested my parents had violent fights and drank and ended up divorced at one time when i was 4 to 5 i use to see arms or legs walking out the corner of my eye (no other bodie part attached) I had terrible nightmares oone that sticks out was my fear of fingers i dont know why but i had a dream i came out of my room there eas and old grandfather clock in the hall and a bunch of fingers running around one had googly eyes and an orang mustach. I went to go down stairs to see my family because i was scared but as i went down the steps hands came out and took there nails down the sids of my feet making me bleed and it was painful when i saw my family they had hands covering there face and holding them down and they were struggling to get free and my moms dog lyed dead in the cornor with his arm cut off flopping around. that dream stuck out the most then when my mom and my sister were moving out i was 7 we stayed at my grandmothers house i saw a blackhooded robed figuer in the hall he stopped pointed at me then walked away and i swear there was a bodie in the bed with my mom and me but she said no one was there.

At our new house i had a short period of time of seeing shadow figuers of a man, sometimes it resembled a tornado or my mom coming for me. then that passed and i had an episod not to far later of a bunch of glowing dots that hatched into green worms and covered everything. For years after that i saw nothing and was fine i started cutting and burning at 16 and one day at 17 when i was abusing sleeping pills and robotussin dm and started to hear voices talking bout rape or how high i was then i overdosed on the cough med and stopped doing it and i have also stopped self abuse also during the sleeping pill and cough med time i wasnt eating to lose weight. I stoped the drugs and the voices finally stoped a year later when i became pregnant at 5 moths of the pregnancy i stoped hearing them but now im terrifyed to be alone and sometimes feel as though i am having a bugedout coughmedicin high feeling where i feel like i cant feel my bodie but if i pinch myself i can feel it and i feel really weired most of the time and i cant describe it and when i look at words or pictures sometimes they apper to be moving down i have also suffered from bad headachs since i was young and still do.Now i always had some axioty growing up i could never leave the house alone or talk to people or call them. Some docs think the voices were drug induced but what about the other hallucinations? they said i have deppresion and anxioty but dose it sound like something more? plese write asap. sorry for the mispelling i did the best i could.

Extreme Anxiety and Depression

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You said that some doctors believe the visions and voices were drug induced. Other doctors disagree. The problem is that it is difficult to go back in time to decipher what exactly happened. Drugs can cause individuals to see and hear things that aren’t there. The fact is that you may never truly know what caused you to see and hear things.

I would suggest focusing on the “here and now.” That would include not abusing over-the-counter drugs. Take your medications as prescribed and advised by your doctors. If you feel that you cannot control your use of sleeping pills and cough medicine, then you need to tell your doctor immediately. Go to the hospital if necessary.

You mentioned that you were pregnant and I’m presuming that you are currently a mother. As a mother it is important that you are mentally stable. If you are frightened and feeling unstable then this may negatively affect your child. It is important that children feel stable and safe. It is vital for healthy psychological development.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a definitive answer to your question. Like the doctors you spoke with, it is difficult for me to determine whether or not you had drug-induced hallucinations or if what you saw and heard was real.

My advice is this: if you are not currently in therapy then consider it. A therapist may be able to help you analyze whether or not you had hallucinations. It may be difficult to determine but a thorough analysis could uncover facts that may give you a more definitive answer. He or she can also help you remain stable. Stability should be your number one concern at this point in time. As I mentioned above it is important not only for you but for your child as well.

Thank you for your question. I wish you well. Here’s a link to the Psychology Today website where you may be able to find a therapist in your community.

Extreme Anxiety and Depression

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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