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Could I have an eating disorder?

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I’m 15 years old and I am 5’7 and I weight 105 pound I know it sounds bad but I think anything that is over 110 is fat. I’m not too sure when my eating problems began but in the 2nd is when I stopped eating my lunch at school. I would just throw it away everyday from 2nd grade to 10th grade and when my mom or dad asks me if I ate it I say yes. My friends always say I;m so skinny and need to eat more but many times I feel fat and gross. I love to run so I joined to cross country and track team at my school. During this part summer my weight was 107 and I felt bad but when xc started I went down to 100 pounds and I felt really good about that. But I want to be back into the double numbers like somewhere from 95 to 98 pounds. I don’t try to but many times on the weekend I will eat at the very most two meals a day. But most of the time it will be one. My mom and grandma always go on about how I need to eat more or I will get sick. last year after having my period for 3 years now with getting it every month I ended up not getting it for 2 months which really scared me. Some of my friends at school have asked me if I have an eating disorder and I say no but lately I feel like its a lie when I say no. This year more then ever my friends have been commenting on my weight and I don’t know could there be a problem I know all those little quizzes are not the anwsers but on all of them I get the high risk of eating problems and the yes you have one I have no idea I feel so lost and I can’t tell my family or don’t want to I don’t know.

Could I have an eating disorder?

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The simple answer to your question is yes. You very likely do have an eating disorder. Untreated it is also likely that you will get sick and weak and may do serious damage to your body. You were right to ask for some help.

It sounds like many people who love you and care about you are concerned. I hope you will listen to that love – even if you don’t love yourself as much as they do. Your mom and grandma are already worried but they don’t know that you have slipped from simple bad eating habits to something more dangerous. It’s time to be honest with them and to ask for an appointment with a specialist in teen eating disorders. You need to reset your image of what your body looks like and learn about healthy eating.

You made an important first step in writing to us here at Psych Central. Please follow through now and get the day-to-day help you need.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Could I have an eating disorder?

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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