last year i came to live in S. America because my mom wanted to but i don’t want to live with her, i lived all my life in New York. My dad and brother live in New york and i want to go live with them because my mom is a very bad person and i just want to get out of this country and go to my old life. Honestly i hate my mom and have no love for her even my brother hates her and cause of her i won’t spend christmas with my family all i want is to get out of here.

A: Most teenagers hate to move. You’re certainly not alone in that. I wonder how the decision was made that you would move with your mom and your brother would stay behind. Have you asked her? Instead of focusing on how much you hate your mom, talk to both of your parents about their reasons for moving you. If you can really listen, you may hear some reasonable things. At 15, you are making the transition from kid to young adult. Show your folks that you are old enough to work on solving a problem instead of just being mad. If you can give positive and strong reasons for going back, there may be a way to reach some compromises.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie