I have a cousin that filed for a divorce, her daughter was raped a week later and she is currently taking chemo for cancer. She had her doctor prescribe xanax for her anixiety attacks.
I don’t know if she is overmedicating or mixing drugs so I don’t know how to help.
She has floated out of this universe and has no concept of what is going on around her. She is hearing and seeing things that aren’t there or isn’t happening. She also makes remarks like this is sure good peanut butter when in actuality she is eating a cup of nuts. She is also for example washing the same dishes 4 or 5 times not knowing they are clean.
Do I need to get her back in to her physician or just monitor her drug intake?

A: What are you waiting for? Please. Take this woman back to her physician immediately. I suppose she could be having an adverse reaction to her medication or to the mix of medications. It’s also possible that she is so overwhelmed by all the hard things that have happened to her recently that she is having a breakdown. I’m glad she has a loving relative like yourself who is keeping watch. She shouldn’t be left alone until she has been evaluated and treated. I also hope that someone has helped her daughter find a counselor to help her cope with the sexual assault. What a terrible time for this family!

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie