I really have no idea what to call it, but I know something’s rather wrong with me.

I first noticed it a few years back, when I saw the movie “The Number 23”. For about a week following it, I was completely convinced that the 23 enigma was real. Then, for no reason, I just snapped out of it and realized it was just a number.

It keeps happening though. Whenever I see someone insane in a book or movie, or even talking to some of my more eccentric friends, I think about it more and more until somehow it makes sense. Then I will I go crazy for a week or so.

So far, nothing really bad has happened from it, but I’m worried since just watching “The Dark Knight” recently left me almost suicidal.

Is there something wrong with me, or am I just crazy?

A. You seem to have a tendency toward intrusive or obsessive thinking. This may be due to a mental health disorder. Some people experience these tendencies but they’re not necessarily associated with a particular mental health disorder. The primary concern is that these episodes have led you to feel suicidal. This makes it a serious issue.

It would be helpful if there were someone who could ground you in reality when the obsessions occur. He or she may be able to “block” you from becoming immersed in an obsession. Perhaps you’d be able to “snap” out of it sooner. I don’t want to alarm you but you shouldn’t ignore this problem. If you do it could become worse and lead to harming yourself. Again the main concern is that you were suicidal. You should consider meeting with a mental health professional. He or she could serve as the person who helps you separate reality from fantasy.

Lastly, if you are feeling suicidal go to the hospital or call 911 immediately. You could also call 1-800-273-TALK. That’s the number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Counselors are available 24/7 if you are feeling upset or suicidal.