My sister is having a lot of problems and does not have time to see anyone for it. She always thinks someone is with her when no one is (often happens while she is in the bathroom. Doing her hair and such)though she has no problems with loneliness. She has a lot of trouble sleeping and almost every night has horrible vivid dreams. She has to convince herself they did not happen. Always feels like crying but is not depressed. And has daydreams of bad things happening to her family. She is 23 married with two kids and is living a pretty normal life. And she thinks she might be going crazy, so to speak. What could be wrong with her? I am so worried about her. Any answer would be greatly appreciated.

A: What a good sister you are to try to get some help. Please tell your sister for me that I think there is a strong possibility that what she is experiencing may be due to an undiagnosed medical problem. Symptoms like these can be caused by a vitamin deficiency, a thyroid problem, or any of a number of other conditions. If she were my sister, I’d do whatever I could to help her find the time to take care of herself by seeing her doctor. Maybe if you offered to babysit the children or do some chores, for example, she could go to appointments more easily. Please write back and let me know what she finds out.

I wish you both well.
Dr. Marie