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Is This Child Abuse?

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Q. every small thing i do “wrong” my parnents slap me and beat me till i stop breathing. they say its parenting but they have left brusies. my dad throw stuff at me and my mom always calles me stupid and an idoit. i get striaght A i dont need to be called stupid. today my sis was doing her homework and complsined to my dad about me texting and her hearing the text message come in. my dad started yelling and threw my phone on the ground and it it broke in to pices then slappd me accros the face then threated to break my viloin in half. is this child abuse?

Is This Child Abuse?

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Hello and thanks for your question:

What you are describing is illegal, and you could call the police.  Just remember, if you are stretching the truth, you can get into very deep trouble. If you are telling the truth, tell a teacher and show him/her your bruises. You are a minor (at 13) and can be protected by the law.

You must understand, however, that there WILL be an investigation and you must tell the whole truth. If you are being beaten as badly as you say, then call the police. They will come and place you in a protective home where your parents can’t hurt you anymore. 

I hope this helps,

Dr. Diana Walcutt

Is This Child Abuse?

Diana L. Walcutt, Ph.D.

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