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girlfriend thinks he needs help

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Hello , I told my ex girlfriend about one or two of my problems she said i need help and she’s worried bout me. Basically I love and need to be centre of attention I need to make the jokes I need to be asked the questions and people have to look at me when sombody else is in attention i feel awkward and feel bad. This is just they way i feel . I pride myself on my physical attributes to get attention like showing off my body or flexing my arms. however this is one part of my life the another part of me wants to be alone I get sad for no reason at all and i cry on my own and go for days ignoring people and i dont want to see people. Sometimes I believe my life is pointless and im ugly and get to the point of thinking about suicide.

This is weird but sometimes on my own i think about ruling the world and other crazy things like pocessing special powers or i go back in time and fight and be a hero. Crazy.

My lifestlye, My diet is very poor i dont eat any fruit or veg I do exercise regulary. My sleeping pattern is really bad i sometimes cant sleep at night. I have quit smoking and and only done drugs a few times but not any more. I drink regulary every weekend but heavily ( VERY HEAVY ). I have had no Traumatic experiences in my life. I have never been beaten and nobody close to passed away. I am straight and have a healthy sex life. My relationships always suffer i feel trapped and it makes me really angry and sometimes I struggle to restrain my anger.

i used to think things were moving like objects i used to lay in bed and watch things move across the wall or seem as if they did. when i was also very young I remembered that one time i was running not very far it was a normal day and i was ok with water levels but i remember everything slowed down i couldnt feel my body and i lost all awarness of time this happened a few times but doesnt occur anymore. It may seem nothing but it might help stupid things like this.

Also im very paranoid in life with girlfreinds and mates that they dont like me or my they speak about me, i am obsessed that my girlfreind is cheating on me and i even tell them to cheat on me , even tho my friends are good mates. Additionally I feel nothing for anybody even my family members and even my friends i dont care about their feeling or i dont miss them I dont even care if anything bad happens to them. I just dont care for others even tho i know i should.

This is quite alot but i thank you for your time and if you could advise me what to do, thanks

girlfriend thinks he needs help

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It’s hard to know whether the self-destructive things you do are the result of a mental illness or if the strange things you experience are a result of the self-destructive things you do. Either way, you aren’t taking care of yourself. A sleep disorder can give a person hallucinations and can contribute to depression. Poor eating habits, heavy drinking, and prior drug use may also be responsible for some of what you experience. Then again, maybe you drink to make some of the feelings go away. Maybe you don’t take care of yourself because you don’t like yourself very much.

Bottom line? You need to see professionals to help you sort all this out. Make an appointment with your medical doctor to get a complete medical checkup. If everything comes back fine, find yourself a psychologist to do an evaluation.

You didn’t have to take your friend’s advice about getting some help but you did. Writing took some courage. Please take the next step and follow through with consultations with professionals who can perhaps help you understand yourself better. They will make suggestions about what to do so you are less insecure and depressed.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

girlfriend thinks he needs help

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

Dr. Marie is licensed as both a psychologist and marriage and family counselor. She specializes in couples and family therapy and parent education. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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