Q: I was previously diagnos with ADD. I stop taking it because I was shamed. i now am find it more diffult to focus and fuction in any things i do.I started blanking out and forgetting things. I no longer see a psy.I hate the idea of taking them but i don’t know what to do. and I don’t believe I could afford it. help what should I do.

A: Unfortunately, ADD does not “go away” without treatment. Sometimes we can learn to cope with it, but usually that is not enough.

You say that you can’t afford treatment, but I’m wondering if you can afford to go on without it?  It sounds like this is a huge problem for you. You should find a physician who can offer you medications that will help, or, consider going to Neurofeedback. This is an alternative therapy that can actually train your brain to function well, often without medications.

The problem with Neurofeedback (which I have very successfully been using for many years on patients with attention problems), is that it takes 40 sessions of training to “fix” the problem. But it does fix it.  I even offer a discounted rate for patients who struggle to pay for it. Some insurance companies will cover it, some will not.

You probably cannot deal with this on your own, and should get some help. Whether you like the side effects of the medications or not, you need to decide which is worse, ADD or the treatment?

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Diana Walcutt