I am supposed to be getting the best medications and treatment. I have bipolar disorder with psychotic tendencies. My demons are strong. They talk to me and at bad times controlled me. The last time being a police standoff. At least that I know of. I generally don’t know when they are in control. Long story. They terrorize me mainly at night. So I am getting little rest. My eating is bad. Too little some days. Too much others. They are gaining power again. I wish I was dead in the mornings and pray to die at nights. Am I lost? No hope? My doctor says I must live with it. There is nothing she can do over what she is doing now. God help me.

A. I do not think that you have to “live with” this problem. The symptoms you’ve described are unacceptable and seem unpleasant. Usually, if a client is complaining of having serious symptoms despite being in treatment the doctor will try something different. Sometimes a medication change is needed. Has your doctor changed or altered your medication regime? There is often a long trial and error process that occurs when trying to find the right medication. Some clients try at least five or six different medication combinations until they find the one that works the best. This process takes a doctor and a client willing to experiment as well as a great amount of patience.

Have you tried any of the new treatments? Has your doctor suggested anything different other than what you have already been doing? What about a sleep medication? Perhaps taking a medication that puts you in a deep sleep throughout the night when you’d otherwise be burdened by “demons” would help. Generally speaking, if you are not gaining any relief and your doctor is unwilling to work with you on changing your treatment then you may need to consider seeing a new doctor.