From a 14 year old girl:

problem_summary: depression
current_problem: me….

A: Your letter is the shortest and saddest I’ve received in some time. I’m sorry you feel so very down and sad. You are smart enough to know that you need to reach out for some help. Now it’s time to reach out to someone who can do more than sympathize.

Think about an adult in your life you can trust. It could be a parent or a guidance counselor or a favorite teacher or the mom of a friend. Let that person know just how bad you feel and ask for help talking to your parents if you can’t do it by yourself.

Depression hurts – both emotionally and physically. Depression makes it hard to do almost anything. Fortunately, depression does respond to treatment.

You probably will need a combination of some medicine for at least a little while and a counselor to learn some ways to cope with your feelings.

It was a very brave first step to write to me. Please gather up that same courage and take the next step toward getting some relief.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie