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Explanation For Another Persona?

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Ok I don’t know what to call this. If it has a name at all. Since I can remember I have had the same “day dream” if you will. That is the best name I can come up for it. It is a battle between me and this other person who looks like me. It has gotten to the point where the characters in this thought line have names and clearly represent parts of myself. One covers my rage and anger at the world (of which I have plenty I fear) and another that represents my want for control over myself and the power to protect what I care about. Now I know this isnt that big of a thing but the problem is I think I am obsessing over these figures. I find myself telling others that my name is that of the characters and from time to time I feel as though one of these personas is taking over. The situation gets worse during times of stress and over the past few months the stress of a couple deaths and the loss of a 10 year girlfriend has made the thoughts more prevalent than ever. Sometimes I feel like the darker figure, the one that is my rage, is taking over. Giving me the want to take out my anger at all that has happened to me on the world. The part that really worries me is that from time to time I really want him to take over. Is there anything that I can do to get in control?

Explanation For Another Persona?

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There may be little that you can do independently to solve this problem. I would suggest that you see either a therapist or a psychiatrist for assistance. I recommend this because intermittently the other persona does take over. Other times, you feel it is on the verge of taking over. Because there are times when it’s uncontrollable, you could benefit from an outside source advising you. Professional assistance can help you stay grounded in reality. Medicine may also help greatly with this problem.

There are several explanations for the overpowering persona. It could be that you are suffering from dissociative identity disorder (DID) (known formerly as MPD). It is difficult to know if DID is the exact problem because your letter was not very detailed.

The persona experience you describe might also be caused by an impending psychosis. A persona associated with DID is different than being overtaken by psychosis. But because I have so few details, I cannot know if it’s DID or psychosis, or neither. I only listed a few possible diagnoses that might be the cause of your problem. There may be others that I did not mention here.

Consider being evaluated by a therapist or be a psychiatrist. You should do this immediately. It has to be frightening to think that “someone else” may be controlling your mind. Please do not put off an evaluation.

Explanation For Another Persona?

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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