Q. I am a 14 yr old girl. and i think i might have depression (though i have not been properly diagnosed) i have broken sleep, i have just about 0 energy , i always feel depressed especially at night and i sometimes have thoughts of blood and death. i can’t stand myself & i don’t feel “normal”. i want to tell my parents because i know they’ll understand but then i’ll feel guilty for worrying them i don’t know what to do i feel very very alone and i am very confused. i have taken plenty of depression quizzes and i have done alot of research on the subject, all the quizzes i took gave me a very high score (average of 74, -severe depression) i am very very scared and i don’t know what to do please help me…

A. You said you believe that your parents would be worried if you did tell them. They’d be much more worried if they knew you were suffering with depression and you decided not to tell them.

It is the job of your parents to help you and to worry about you. Don’t worry about them. They are adults and they can handle themselves. You need to go directly to your parents and tell them what you wrote to me. You said that you know they will understand and if they are as understanding as you say they are they’ll most likely do everything they can to help you. That is exactly what you need.

You have no reason to feel guilty. It is inappropriate but understandable to feel that way. Now is the time to go to your parents and tell them truth. Don’t suffer another day. Don’t be confused another day. You would advise your friend to do the same if she or he were in a similar circumstance so please take my advice and tell your parents. You can even print off the letter you wrote and my response and bring it to them. Tell them immediately because it is the only correct thing to do.