Q. I am a divorced, single mom, and teacher. I have been dealing with feelings of bi-sexuality for a long time. But my family, community, and religious circles do not condone and I will be dismissed if this comes out. I still cannot make these feelings go away no matter how much I ignore or try to make them. I don’t know what to do and it is affecting every aspect of my life. Please help me.

A. You are an adult and it is up to you to make all of the “adult” decisions in your life. Does anyone know you better than you know yourself? You can get professional help to advise you but ultimately you must be the decision maker. Yes, there are many who will condemn you for having a bisexual life but then there are many who will condemn you for being homosexual or having premarital sex or oral sex, etc.

Yes, please get advice. Let that advice guide you into various realms of thought but never, as an adult, allow someone else to run your life. Never structure your life to get the approval of others. Instead live a life that ultimately earns you self respect.