Q. I have only been eating few bites of food for a long period of time, and I feel constantly bloated/gassy/overly full. is it possible that the stomach would bloat out because it fills itself with gas and does not realize there is food to digest because so little is down there? Any other thoughts on the constant bloating/gassyness?

Also, I am kind of trying to recover from anorexia, I do not want to gain any weight, so I suppose I just want to maintain (and don’t really know how many cals to consume because I don’t know my metabolism rate, and am not certain if it is messed up or not….) and am concerned about my metabolism. I have read that recovering anorexics’ metabolisms skyrocket after a while and they need to consume TONS of calories just to barely maintain weight (3000 ). Is this true?

I barely have been making 100-150 a day, so if I start from there and increase by 100 every couple of weeks, would my metabolism be ok after a while? Also, if I didn’t start from 100-150, where should I start. It is extremely difficult for me to eat more because of the bloating as well, how can I fix this? HELP, I’m SO confused….Oh, and a nutritionist/counselor is not doable :( Thank you.

A. You said that you are “kind of trying” to recover from an eating disorder. I am not clear what this means since you’re only consuming 100-150 calories a day. If you are in fact only eating this very small amount of food per day, it would not seem that you’re anywhere near overcoming anorexia. The consumption of so few calories likely means you are continuing or maintaining an eating disorder, not overcoming one.

Are you familiar with the serious dangers of eating disorders? If you are not please read about the mortality rates associated with these illnesses. Eating disorders have the highest rates of death of any mental illness. Please familiarize yourself with the extreme danger that you are placing on your body. You can read about the health consequences of anorexia or bulimia here.

I cannot answer your specific questions regarding bloating and gassiness. These are best answered by a medical professional. I would strongly suggest that you seek help from both a medical doctor and a mental health professional, not only for answers to the specific questions that you have asked but for assistance with getting control of your eating disorder. It seems clear that you are in need of this help given that you are barely eating enough to sustain life. You are severely damaging your body and mind with this eating disorder. It’s time to get help, on your own, it does not seem that you are winning the battle against anorexia.