Q. I wrote on here a while ago and it was suggested that I had a hypomanic episode. My friends and boyfriend made an appointment to see a mental health nurse to see if they could help me in being diagnosed with a disorder or whether it was a reaction to the antideprassants (20mg citalopram). During the appointment the mental health nurse asked if I had abused alcohol at all, I had in 2006, but I made out like I only drank whilst out or with friends, this wasn’t true. I know am back on citalopram and awaiting councelling but my friends (and now me) are worried that this depressive episode could be followed by another (hypo)manic episode. The health service in England is a little different as we have to wait for a mental health professional to become available. However would seeking out private care be a better option and would me lying to the first mental health nurse hinder a diagnosis at all? There is a long history of depression in my family so I’m keen to get a proper diagnosis as a few members of my family have been hospitalised owing to depressive episodes.

A. If you gave false information in your first interview and you want to be sure that you are getting an accurate diagnosis then I would suggest going to private care. Do what you need to do to get better to prevent a future relapse. You could even consider going to private care as a reevaluation or getting a second opinion. I hope this answers your question.