Q. 13 Months ago I suffered a fall of 7-8 feet and was diagnosed months later as having a diffuse axonal injury. It was a work related injury and I also had rotator cuff repair. I have been having multiple neuro problems and just found out I have also injured my hearing and will need hearing aids in both ears because of it. My symptoms seem to be getting worse instead of better and I really ..really..think I am loosing my mind. All literature substansiates (sp) what is happening to me. But the med. professionals don’t seem to. But there again…Am I being paranoid ?? I am so messed up ? So scared. They have also diagnosed me as having had “whiplash” with said symptoms. What the hell is going on with me. Visual problems, Hearing loss, Memory problems, worsening in some regards , migraines (breakthroughs) medications are topomax, flexeril, axert, efexor. I don’t want to sound like a hypocondriac, or a whinner. I was hoping to talk to someone live. I really don’t want to whine about my issues :) P.S. Yes it is a workmans comp injury. But I must say, as far as my limited knowledge of how they work is , I think they are being fair. They have spent a fortune. But they just keep handing me off. I have asked for 13 months to have my hearing checked. I WANT to get better. It is as though THEY don’t want me to !! Damndest thing I have ever seen in my life. I need to get better with or with out them though because this is making me sicker. Thank you for what you do for others. I know it helps.

A. I once worked with a team of researchers who specialized in helping individuals and families deal with the after-effects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The most common complaint they received, from clients and/or their families, was that there were not enough doctors or specialists who had expertise in TBI.

You need to find a doctor and or a specialized facility that deals with TBI. The doctors you have been seeing may not possess the particular knowledge or training that is needed to treat an individual who has a complex set of neurological injuries. Thanks for writing.