Q. SSRI and Wellbutrin are not s working. Hi there, just need support and re-assurance more than anything. I am battling to find an anti-depressent that works for me. Have tried various SSRI ie. Cipramil, Cipralex, Aropax, Prozac and Cymbalta. Cipralex and Cipramel were given two weeks for me to adjust, was assured that the side effects would deminish after this time. They didn’t. Cymbalta lasted 3 days (a totally different Hell on Earth), Prozac just made me supper spaced out, couldn’t really function at all, would watch dinner burn with no interest at all.

Wellbutrin (150mg) worked like a bomb for a few weeks, thought I had found the answer. And then it made the depression worse, much worse, crying fits during the day, was taking Xanor to help, but I think Xanor did more than the Wellbutrin. Halved the dose of Wellbutrin during the weaning process and was impressed with the results. Now the whole depression cycle that I experienced on a full dose has stared up again. I am at a loose end. And just need a bit of re-assurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Oh yes, I work outdoors all day, so Tri-cyclics are not an option.

A. I cannot instruct you on what medication to take. It is best to explore these issues with your doctor. He or she can help you find what will work best for you.

It is also important not to limit treatments of depression to medication only. Medication only seldom works to cure depression. Taking medication as you’re only form of treatment for depression ensures you will most likely never solve the problem of what is causing the depression.

A comprehensive treatment approach to depression also includes talk therapy. Some people do not want to put forth the time and effort it takes to attend talk therapy sessions but many who have tried this treatment method have been greatly helped by it. I strongly encourage you to consider expanding your current treatment approach to depression. Thanks for writing.