Q. I asked the question around and been pondering on it and I probably know part of the answer what I should do. When I lived in Indiana a doctor told me if I ever had the urge to cut to go to the hospital. I know the best thing is not to cut and I am seeing a psychiatrist for the cutting. I am wondering if I should go up to the hospital for feel like cutting and stuff. I think I haven’t gone yet I wouldn’t get the right treatment.

A. If you are thinking about harming yourself then you should go to the hospital. The hospital mental health staff can evaluate you, give you advice, protect you against harming yourself and at the very least, refer you to a therapist.

I know that you said that you are in treatment with a psychiatrist for cutting but seeing a psychiatrist, presumably for medication only (since most do not do therapy) is not enough. Medication only as a treatment for such behavior is not sufficient. You need a more comprehensive treatment approach that involves you seeing a counselor to discuss why you self-harm in addition to teaching you healthy strategies to deal with bothersome issues. People self-harm for many reasons but often times it’s because he or she hasn’t learned other more appropriate problem-solving methods for dealing with their pain. You need more treatment than a psychiatrist can usually offer.

You should absolutely go to the hospital if you are thinking about harming yourself. Don’t wait, don’t ponder any longer. Get help now.