Hi. I’m 13. my moms been an alcholic and she now does drugs.
My mom has been an alcholic for 5 years, and while i was at her house recently she did crystal meth in front of me. I went crazy after that, because i never thought she would do that and i felt angry and i couldn’t and still can’t control my anger towards her.. What can i do to help this issue??

A: Sadly, there is probably nothing you can do to make your mom stop. If she is willing to do drugs in front of you, she has stopped being responsible as a mother and isn’t thinking about either herself or you. You didn’t mention whether your dad is in your life. If he or another member of your family is stable and not abusing substances, please consider talking to them about going to live with them until your mom cleans up her act. Yes, it may hurt her feelings. Yes, it might make her angry. But if she were in a better place herself, she would want her daughter to have a better mother.

Please also consider finding an Alateen group to join. The Alateen program is for teens whose parents are abusing alcohol and drugs. It offers you the support and understanding of other people who are in the same situation and it will help you learn ways to cope and ways to help. To learn more about Alateen and to find out how to locate a meeting near you, go to Alateen.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie