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Trying to Eat But Can’t. Eating Disorder?

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Q. I have been trying to eat but every time i try it seems to come back up 15 minutes later .The past two weeks i haven’t been able to eat much. This is because 15 minutes later i feel sick to my stomach and it all comes up. I went to a doctor and i was checked for the flu and other viral sicknesses . I didn’t show signs of any. I have lost 10 pounds during the two weeks its been going on and i have had many people tell me i look very thin and pale recently. I tried to talk to my dad about it but he just ignored me . Im not sure what to do or if i can do anything . it just kinda scares me . But im not sure if it is an actuall eating disorder or not . I dont think its bulimia, because i dont throw up on purpose it just kinda happens. I dont think im fat at all . i get many complents at school. But not recently . Do you think i have an eating disorder ?

Trying to Eat But Can’t. Eating Disorder?

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Nothing that you have written indicates that you have an eating disorder. You did not say that you were making yourself throw up or that you were deliberately not eating in an effort to lose weight. Your situation seems quite the opposite. From what I can tell from your letter, you are eating, feeling sick and subsequently vomiting and you are not doing this on purpose.

I am sorry that your father is ignoring you but if this keeps occurring you need to go back to your father and do your best to get his attention. If you are not making yourself throw up on purpose then it would seem to be something medical. You’ve been to the doctor; this is good. But if this problem does not stop then you may need to be seen by another doctor for a second or even a third opinion. If your father continues to ignore you then tell someone else about your condition such as trusted family member, school counselor or guidance counselor so that he or she can try to get you help. I hope this answers your question. Take care.

Trying to Eat But Can’t. Eating Disorder?

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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