so i have been dating this guy for a year now and he gets mad at stupid little things and yells at me with swearing. the little things can consist of guys saying hi to he getting mad when i go out without him and even hanging out with my bestfriend that i dont see often. What do i do? how do i help him calm down?

A: It’s not your job to calm him down. This boy has major issues with anger management and control. He needs to make some major changes in how he treats a woman or he’ll never have an intimate relationship that lasts.

You absolutely should not put up with a boyfriend who yells at you or swears at you or who overreacts when you see friends or have other things to do besides hang around waiting for him to make time to see you. Unless he gets himself some help, this will probably get worse, not better.

I hope your boyfriend has enough self-respect to get the help he needs to become all he can be. I hope you love yourself enough to insist that he treat you well. If he doesn’t clean up his act quick, I hope you have enough self-respect to move on. Find a man who will cherish you as you deserve.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie