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Should I Be Worried About My Other Personalities?

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Q. I’m a 19 yr. old College student, and my problems started last semester. I would go to school and find my self completely lost. I don’t go to a big school, i even attended Adult High School there, so there is no reason i should be lost. I would call my mother crying asking her to help me find out where i was.I then began to lose intrest in school, which was weird because i was so excited about it. Recently I’ve had people aproach me and call me by diffrent names. Thats when i started to realize the “black outs.” They aren’t so much black outs as i feel as if i’m going on “auto-pilot.” Kind of like when your driving in the car and when you reach your destination you don’t remember driving there. Well i started noticing that i would have entire weeks where i couldn’t really recall anything. Friends and family of my became concered a little when i started speaking other languages i’ve never learned to speak. IF you ask me to speak them now i couldn’t. But my friends have seen me speak Arabic, German, and alot of Spanish. The weird thing is, apparently i was speaking these laungauges to people who spoke that laungage reguarly, so i really knew what i was saying. As far as i know, i have three major “personalitys” one named Jasmin, who speaks very little english and is from Cuba, Whitney, which i don’t know much about and RoxAnna, who is a variety of things. I’m very confused and don’t know what to do. Last week i woke up on my mothers ouch after an “auto-pilot” and she told me that i was acting like i was back in high school and was on spring break and i was telling her all about my upcoming cheerleading competion. I don’t remeber any of this. She is very educated in the medical field and so am i (i am taking lots of medical classes to become a plastic surgeon)but she doesn’t think anything of it really. I’m not sure if i’ve learned to much about D.I.D. and i’m “forcing” it upon myself but it is really started to bother me. I Can’t go to school, i can’t eat, and when i do i beinge. Should i take more serious action and tell my family i’m worried, or should i just keep trying to force these problems away?

Should I Be Worried About My Other Personalities?

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This problem must be addressed. It is interfering with your life in major ways. You are losing track of time, getting lost, and apparently speaking with people with whom you do not remember speaking with. You also no longer want to attend college, something you were excited to start, and much more. This problem is not something you can put off getting help for nor is it something that you could have “forced” upon yourself. These situations defy, at this point in time, a rational explanation.

Even if you are familiar with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) many of the symptoms you describe would be nearly impossible to “force” upon yourself. How do you explain witnesses hearing you speak in several languages-languages that you never were trained in? Why can you not remember speaking to these other people and friends in other languages and why can you not speak these languages when asked? Who are these other possible personalities? These questions need answers.

I do not know if you are suffering with DID but many of the symptoms you have described do match the disorder criteria designated by the American Psychological Association as specified in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). The only way to know what is causing this troubling situation is to see a therapist or a psychiatrist, and preferably someone who is trained in dealing with DID. I am not sure why your family does not believe anything is wrong. This is not a life threatening situation but it has to be very disconcerting to experience these strange, unexplainable situations. My suggestion is that you meet with a mental health professional to further explore your blackouts, other personalities, and all of the other problematic symptoms that you have described in your letter. Please take care and thanks for writing.

Should I Be Worried About My Other Personalities?

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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