Q. Back in 98 i fell and hit my head pretty bad after few months i started to have seizure/epilepsy. ive been taking tegretol for the almost 10yrs. I had my daughter 2005 after few months i notice that i can’t stop cleaning, washing my hands and wiping my daughter and washing everything that fell on the ground, and everytime i feel like its dirty around me i seem to have my seizure, my whold body gets numb, i can’t move and talk and i have flashback. does it mean i have ocd? and if i do have ocd does it cause me to have seizure? i know its wrong to be so clean but i can’t help it. I have 2 daughters and i know being a toddler means being dirty all the time like crawling and playing on the floor. please help me for my daughters sake and my husband as well.

A. It is difficult to know if you have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The OCD symptoms you are displaying may be a complication of epilepsy or possibly a side effect of your seizure medication. Without more information I cannot answer these questions. I would advise you to talk to your doctor about this situation because as you said, it can negatively impact your children and family. Your doctor has likely known you and your case for almost a decade and would be in a better position to answer these questions. If you do in fact have OCD, your doctor can advise you on what type of treatment is needed. You have asked very good questions but unfortunately, with such little information, it’s nearly impossible to give you an informed answer. Thanks for writing.