My girlfriend and i have been dating now for about 3 months, befor we were engaged we had dated for about a year. we were seperated for approx. 8 months then we got back together. But since we got back together all she does is text and talk to her guy friends. i dont find that to be a problem but it just seems like she never wants to talk to me. i just feel that she would rather be with them than me. Am i jealous or am i not? i don’t know

The other issue we have is that we sleep together at night but now recently she has started to say she dosn’t want to sleep with me because she can’t sleep. i have no problem with that either its just she is getting cranky and she doesn’t want me to hang out with her and she never calls any more. what should i do? i am so confused about everything. i love her very much but i just want her to be happy.

A: It sounds to me like maybe your girlfriend wants to take a break but doesn’t want to break it to you so she’s doing things that will make you be the one to call a halt. You keep making it harder on both of you by being so agreeable. Maybe she is having second thoughts about getting married. Maybe she can’t stand the idea of hurting you but also can’t handle making a commitment. Take the hint. It’s time for you two to have an honest talk. My guess is that you need to put the engagement on hold and give your relationship more time to develop.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie