I live with my mom and my 14 year old sister. My dad is an alcoholic and he is abusive. He went back to the country where we came from about 6 months ago. He left because he had two warrants out for his arrest because he misssed his court date for a DUI case and a domestic violance case. But…now he is back and he turned himself in.
I guess that is kind of responsible but, I am afraid what is going to happen when he gets out. My mom still cares about him and thinks that he can “change.” Honestly I hate her for thinking that after everything that he has put us through and how many chances we have given him. He doesn’t have a job, car, or money. I don’t even know why he came back. I just want to know what I can do. I am not the kind of person who will just kick him out and put him on the streets. I dont want my sis to see all this b.s. again. any advice??

A: My best advice is that you not try to deal with this alone. Please consider contacting Al-Anon and/or Al-ateen. These organizations provide information, support, and practical help for family members who are dealing with an alcoholic. The website for your state is: http://www.nevadaal-anon.org
You can’t make your dad face his problem or behave differently. Only he can do that. But what you can do is learn skills to help you, your sister, and your mom separate your lives from his illness.
I wish you well.
Dr. Marie