My dad recently passed away. My mom and I live by ourselves for the first time and she begged that I no longer hide anything from her. She asked me to show her my penis, if and how I masturbated, what my sexual history has been. My mom is an angel, but I am 21 now and grew up very repressed sexually. Apparently that’s was my dad’s way, not hers. I kind of want to do this. Would this has any negative consequences? She clarified she doesn’t want to have sex with me, just uninhibitness

A: What your mother is asking you to do is highly inappropriate. Maybe, in her grief, she wants you to in some way replace the husband she has lost. Maybe she was so repressed by your dad that she is going way overboard now that she is released from his attitudes. Or maybe something else is at work. Whatever. If she won’t respect your boundaries, you need to reassert your right to privacy. You are no longer her little boy. Your sexual history and behavior are none of her business. The only woman who should see your penis is your partner.

There are many possible negative consequences to agreeing to her request — not the least being that any potential girlfriend with good sense will run, not walk, away fast once she learns that you and your mom are playing show and tell.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie