Q. I noticed them as early as 13 years old: I have had minor hallucinations since I was young. It would seem as though my eyes play tricks on me, or objects and things around shift back and forth, when in reality they do not. I’ve also had twitches occasionally and my hands will shake at times, almost to the point of being uncontrollable. I’ve never been diagnosed for this, but I’ve been reading about mercury poisoning and am curious if it could be a possible cause. I had been exposed to a small amount as a child, having not known the dangers of mercury at the time, and played with the liquid for a few hours. When I learned the dangers of mercury I was a little worried, but I figured I’m still alive, so I must be ok. However, recently I’ve been searching for answers to my symptoms, and this seems like it fits. The past few years have been spent wondering if I’m going crazy, or that these symptoms may grow into something worse.

A. I am not really sure if mercury could cause the symptoms that you are describing. I am concerned about your symptoms and about the fact that you have yet to have them checked out by a doctor. Having hallucinations and tremors is not normal and are very serious symptoms. I am wondering why your parents did not have you assessed when you began experiencing these symptoms at such a young age.

I know that many people search the Internet for health/mental health related symptoms and illness information but there comes a time when after years of looking, without finding out much that you need to make an appointment with a physician and have your symptoms assessed in person. My advice is to make a doctor appointment and get a professional medical opinion. Start with your primary care doctor (PCP) and then see a specialist if your PCP thinks it’s necessary. Meeting with a doctor and getting his or her advice will make you feel better and put your mind at ease. Best of luck to you.