My wife is upset with me because we had sex last night and I didn’t remember it this morning. She came into the bedroom and I was asleep, she woke me up and asked me a question. I then initiated sex and we commenced. Afterwards I went to sleep and when I woke up she commented that she had a wonderful time and I didn’t remember it happening. She got very angry and accused me of dreaming of someone else and that is why I was “in the mood” and that was also why I didn’t remember it. After thinking about it I do vaguely remember it happening, however now she doesn’t buy it

Am I crazy?

A: No. You’re not crazy. You’re a young guy. She woke you, sort of. You reached for her. She was willing. A dream come true! Sounds normal to me. But meanwhile, your wife sounds a little insecure. Are you doing enough in your waking hours to let her know that she is the woman of your dreams? That she’s the one you are always in the mood for? Is it possible that you are taking her for granted, even a little? My guess is that the argument isn’t really about one night. It’s about whether you are each doing enough to appreciate the other.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie