Q: My friend told me she wants to die and she doesn’t know what to do and I suggested she talk to a therapist. She agreed and said she wanted to do that but her parents are like against it. She’s only 14…what should I tell her to do?

A: First off, I wouldn’t assume her parents are really against it. Just because she says they are doesn’t mean that she has really talked to them about how she has been feeling. I would either suggest to her to try again or you could since you are older. Otherwise, she might also check with her school or church to see if they have counselors who could talk to her or groups she could attend that would not require using the parents’ health insurance. Some counties have mental health centers or health clinics that offer free or reduced services. In my state a teen can attend several sessions without having parental consent so you might want to look online or in the phone book to see what agencies are in your area. I hope she finds help. Thanks for writing.