Q. I hate my mom she tells me everyday that i am a loser and never gonna make it in life. i have been hearing it for so long that i believe her i even ripped up my college applications becasue she told me i wont get accepted and its just a waste of my time. i feel like she has ruined my self esteem and my confindence…what do i do to make her stop treating me like this and to be able to believe in myslef agian. right now she is telling me i am just looking for pitty…but im not i just want to make her stop controling me. PLEASE HELP!!!

A. You are probably not going to change your mother so the best that you can do is to begin to remove yourself from your situation. The way to do this is to get those college applications and fill them out. Also, making the move to try to go to college is one way of stopping your mother from controlling you. College may be your “ticket” out of that house and away from your mother’s verbal abuse.

When you picked up those college applications initially you must have felt some level of confidence regarding your ability to get into college. Remember that initial confidence in yourself and use it to fill out the applications. College may be your way out of this situation. Don’t let your mother stop you from missing out on potentially the greatest opportunity of your life. Take care.