Q: I believe that my 4 year old son has OCD. He is very particular about the way things are done and does not like change. I am getting very frustrated with potty training. I have tried every trick in the book but he refuses to try. I know he is ready physically, he just doesn’t want to do it because it is out of his normal routine. I am not sure what I can do about this problem. It is beginning to affect other things. He was supposed to start pre-kindergarten this year but was unable to attend because he is not potty trained. Please help me.

A: First I have to say that being particular and being delayed in potty training is not enough to warrant a diagnosis of OCD. Most pediatricians and child experts now suggest that kids will potty train themselves when they are ready, and sometimes that is obviously not when parents and teachers want them to be ready. However, I would suggest talking these issues over with your pediatrician and finding a child psychologist to evaluate him to see if there are reasons to be concerned. Hopefully they will both say that he’s fine and he’s just a strong willed child but it’s always best to make sure nothing is medically or psychologically wrong. They may then give you some strategies and suggestions on working with him. Good luck.