Q. My issues started off with gagging when I went to the dentist or when I’d have to take pills. It has gotten a lot worse and keeps getting progressively worse. Now it’s to the point where I will often throw up after eating (usually it only happens when I eat out). Something often brings it on, like I’ve just finished eating and I get a smell of someone’s perfume or cigarette smoke. It’s starting to seriously affect my life and I’m concerned about this leading to medical issues. Thank you.

A. I am not sure what could be causing the vomiting after meals. I strongly suggest that you see a doctor about this problem. Instead of this leading to medical issues, which is certainly possible, it seems more like something medical may be causing you to vomit after meals. Your symptoms have seemingly gotten progressively worse. It’s time to see a doctor and find out what may be causing this disturbing problem. Take care.