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Please help before I try to kill myself.

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I have moved from sweden to UK 6 months ago because we had some family problems. Since I moved from my house I have been depressed. I try 2 kill myself few times but it didn’t work .. sometimes I wonder why do I live what’s the meaning? My parents don’t care for me they only care for what’s best for them ..I’m so lonely I really need help I don’t got any friends here I don’t go 2 school here I got nothing.. I just wanna die then everything will be better .. PLZZ TELL ME WHAT 2 DO B4 I TRY 2 KILL MYSELF AGAIN

Please help before I try to kill myself.

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I’m so, so sorry you feel so sad and miserable that you would even consider ending your life. It’s very hard to be uprooted from familiar surroundings and friends when you are a teen. Lots of adults forget how difficult it is to break into friendship circles as the new kid. But there are people in the world who care about you and can help you.

First, I hope you are underestimating your parents. After all, they had to make the big move too. Maybe they would understand how you feel. Just maybe they are feeling the same way. If you think just maybe one or both of them could help if only they listened, please give them a chance by talking with them. If they really are so self-centered that they can’t deal with your pain, then it’s important that you do go to school and talk to a teacher or counselor there. Trust your instincts. I bet you can tell who might be helpful. If that doesn’t work, then please consider calling The Samaritans. Here is a paragraph I pulled off their web site:

“Samaritans (United Kingdom)
If you’re in emotional distress or at risk of suicide, Samaritans are there for you 24 hours a day. With Samaritans, you get the time and the space to find a way through. Visit: for more details. For support phone: 08457 90 90 90 (UK) or email [email protected]

There is some part of you that really doesn’t want to die but understandably just wants to be rid of the pain and loneliness. That’s the strong part of you that wants to get some help. Please write back and let me know who you decided was the best person to talk to and how you are doing. I care.

Dr. Marie

Please help before I try to kill myself.

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

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