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Is 6 and a half stone and 5 foot overweight?

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I always feel horribly fat and ugly! I do loads of exercise every day and try to eat around 500 calories a day, 900 at the most and then I feel terrible! I’ve tried making myself sick before but it hasn’t worked so when I eat something I just do exercise afterwards to burn off the calories. I count calories on everything and try to eat as little carbs, sugars and fats as possible. My stomach constantly aches and rumbles weirdly and I get tired so easily! It’s really annoying but I don’t know how else to get less fat. I wish I could be slimmer. Lots slimmer! My aunt, who’s a nurse once heard me complaining about how fat I am and started telling me off about it and saying I shouldn’t be worried about my weight coz she doesn’t want me to develop anorexia but I just laughed. I mean, how can I? I’m so fat and heavy! It’s really annoying coz I have lots of muscles and they’re really big and I want to get rid of them and be thinner! It’s really hard keeping on this diet I’m on bcoz my friends stop me from skipping meals at lunchtimes and my mum makes me eat breakfast and dinner. I just try to make it look like I’ve eaten a lot when i really haven’t.

I try to eat: breakfast: Half a grapefruit and a small bowl of cereal about 250 calories. then lunch: salad about 50 calories (I just have a bit of lettuce and tomato), Dinner: Whatever’s there but not too much carbs then fruit (about 200 to 400 calories depending on what it is). Then after dinner I go on the dance mat and burn off 300 or more if I can. Every morning I do lots of exercises before school. After school I give the dog a 3 mile walk.

Sometimes I get shaky and cold really easily. I have really low self esteem and weigh myself every morning and evening. I’m really quiet and shy and can’t bear it when people start saying I’m lovely and slim and should eat more because I don’t see why they can’t see how fat I am! Maybe they’re joking. I used to be bullied in the past, not physical just left out and made fun of. My sister had a mental illness and my parents are really grumpy and stressed.

Is 6 and a half stone and 5 foot overweight?

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After converting stones to pounds and looking at healthy weight charts, and assuming I did it correctly, you are definitely UNDERWEIGHT not overweight. Many of your concerns are similar to those who have an eating disorder. I strongly suggest you find a therapist and begin working on your self-image. If you address these issues while you are still young you have a great chance to turn it around. This much focus on food, your weight and exercise is not healthy. You are missing out on enjoying your life. Please talk to your parents, your doctor, school counselor or some other trusted adult so that they can help you find a therapist soon. Good luck.

Is 6 and a half stone and 5 foot overweight?

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