Q. Hey, this is strange. I know that my friends love me because I am a nice guy, i listen to what they have to say, and i care about them a great deal. But….i can’t shake this feeling that it’s all one huge trick, that all my “friends” are just being nice to me because i force them to, (as if I’m that awkward kid that no one can really get the courage to tell him to just go away.) The strange part, is that i know this isn’t the case, but, i guess this is a case when knowing a fact doesn’t mean you have to believe in it, too. I haven’t gone to get professional help yet, but, it’d be great if i got an opinion from someone saying that i should, or shouldn’t.

A. One of the biggest mistakes that an individual can make is to not believe in the truth. The inability to see and believe in reality can be devastating. Truth is reality and believing in anything else is simply a lie and will only serve to hurt you.

Sometimes people have trouble seeing the truth because it is painful or unpleasant. In this situation, you know the truth, you told me the truth yet it is the truth that you cannot believe. This is problematic and in your specific situation, may be indicative of low self esteem. My thought is that you could use some professional assistance to help build up your self esteem. Getting professional help does not mean that you are “sick” or “mentally ill.” It means that you keenly recognize the need for guidance and support to help correct the issues that bother you. It would be wise to reach out to a therapist if these issues keep bothering you.