Q. My son is 20 yrs old has bipolar (has seen a doctor for this) But now we are having a big problem with anger management and anger outburst, such as hitting walls, screaming at us, cursing very bad the outbursts last anywhere from 5 to one hour, I am at the end of my rope on how to help him control these outbursts. What should be my next step? He does take his medication for the bipolar and doesn’t drink or anything else. He really wants to control what is going on but sometimes he just can’t.

A. If neither of you can control these outbursts then it is necessary for you to seek outside help for this problem. You mentioned that he has seen a doctor and he takes his medication. It is very good that he has seen a doctor and he is regulated on medication but it may be time to revisit with his doctor to discuss his recent out of control behavior. It is possible that he is not on the correct medication and needs an adjustment.

It would also be helpful for you to contact a therapist in tandem with the doctor and get his or her assistance with anger management. My advice is to first contact his doctor, alert the doctor to your son’s behavior, ask the doctor for his or her advice and consider, if your son would agree, having him attend therapy with a therapist trained in anger management skills. If the problem continues despite intervention, you may have to consider having him live in some sort of residential facility but that is an option you would only consider after you have tried all that you can. Start with his treating physician, get his or her advice, and go from there. Take care.