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Does my son have ADHD?

I have a 5 year old son who is very hyper. I’m not sure if he has ADHD but I’m starting to think so. He can’t sit still for no more then 2 seconds. It seems as though he isn’t listning or his attention is some where else when I’m giving him directions or trying to help him with school work. He gets very frustrated very easily when he doesn’t get it right the first time.I have to tell him to do same thing over and over; when he does do it he doesn’t complete the task. I’m not sure if I should take him to the doctor or ride it out and see what happens. This has been going on for almost a year and it seems to be getting worse. What should I do?

Does my son have ADHD?


I think you should absolutely take him to a child psychologist for an evaluation. With every failure, his self-esteem is going down. With every frustrated word from you, he is developing the idea that he is dumb or a disappointment. Please find out what is going on with him. Early intervention is often the key to helping a boy like your son develop some self-confidence so he can do his very best.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

Does my son have ADHD?

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

Dr. Marie is licensed as both a psychologist and marriage and family counselor. She specializes in couples and family therapy and parent education. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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