Hi, I need some help. When I am manic, I shop. I have spent $7,000 in three months. The last three months check after check has bounced. We have tried blocking HSN, QVC, my husband has taken my debit card, and my checks. We have taken the cord off the computer. I always find a way around it, I know it is wrong, but I cannot help myself. Everyone in my family is angry with me. The doctor ordered Abilify and Depakote for me but we cannot buy it because we have no money. HELP!!!!

A: You are not alone. Many people with bipolar illness shop and spend money irresponsibly when they are in the manic phase. Give yourself lots of credit for recognizing that you are out of control and seeking help.

I found a community mental health center in your city. Generally, clinics like this have programs for low-income people to help them get the medications they need. Give them a call and see if they can help you. The phone number is: (985) 646-6401.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie