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Medication use during pregnancy

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Q. My son who is 25 impregnated a 20 year old who has delusional schizophrenia. She quit taking her meds before she got pregnant, but is quickly becoming out of control. I am very concerned about my grandchild. Can you tell me the best way to handle this?

She called hysterical last night because they were back and they touched her. She told me hysterically that hates it when they touch her. I kept my voice as calm and gentle as I could. I reminded her that she has a brain that lies to her, and assured her that she was safe. She had run outside in her fear. I just kept talking quietly and encouraged her to go back in. Finally she did, and she finally believed me that although she could see their shadows, they were simply lies her brain was telling her, and they would not harm her.

She quieted down during our talk, and she soon became tired. I sent her to bed. When she woke up, she did not remember even calling me. I felt horrible for her, and I would like to know if what I did was the right thing for now, and if you have any suggestions regarding what else I can do. I’ve also looked up articles regarding medication for a woman in her shoes. Can you give me any more pointers as to which direction I should go that I am not seeing? Thank you for your time.

Medication use during pregnancy

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It sounds like you handled the situation the best that you could and I commend you on your ability to calm her down. Because she has stopped the medications, this situation may occur again in the very near future, and may be worse the next time around. In future situations when she is that out of control, you should strongly consider taking her to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, or, if you do not feel comfortable with this, call the paramedics or local mental health crisis team.

Does she have any family that you could call? If so, do call them and inform them about what happened. You can also contact the doctor who prescribed her the medication and let them know that she is pregnant, stopped the medications, and seems to be actively psychotic. Because of new privacy laws in the United States, know that the doctor probably cannot and will not return your call but you can leave him or her a message regarding the condition of his or her patient.

I am uncertain about what medication she could take while pregnant but this is a matter that needs to be discussed with her doctor. Encourage her to see a doctor immediately and this is especially imperative because of her pregnancy and recent behavior. She is fortunate to have someone who cares and who assisted her through what must have been a terrifying event. Be certain that you encourage her to see a doctor without delay and get her to a hospital if an event like last night should occur again. I hope this answers your questions. Take care.

Medication use during pregnancy

Kristina Randle, Ph.D., LCSW

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